Monday, 19 December 2011


Jempol is the largest district in the Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan. The district borders another Malaysian state of Pahang to the northeast. Bandar Seri Jempol and Bahau are the principal towns in Jempol.

Jempol is also the meeting point of Muar and Serting Rivers. The meeting point had played an important transportation role in ancient times. Known historically as Desa Penarikan, it connected trade posts west of the Malay Peninsula with population centers in the east coast and vice versa.


Jempol is equipped with a hospital which is being funded by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. The hospital is the main health care provider in Jempol and its surrounding areas including Serting and Bahau. Residents of Rompin and other nearby areas in Pahang that used to utilize a hospital in Kuala Pilah are now visiting Jempol's hospital. Bahau is 39 km away from Kuala Pilah.

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