Monday, 11 April 2011

Al-Fatihah to my Late Mother who leads me a simple life... Thanks

Here I wish to dedicate something to my late mother who have pass away since year 2003. I have known her all my life from born till she was no more in my life. I have a mother who always takes good care of her siblings. Not 1 but all 14 of her siblings. Me as the eldest, I admit that I was the naughtiest, the most sturbborn & the most who makes her weeps all day long.. I remember the days where when my late father whack me hard,she was willingly stand in to protect me & get beaten till my late father stops. She never fear pain or whatever thru hardship or thru any poor life. She never bother to regret even she was born with a silver spoon to be married to my poor dad. She willingly & faithfully stands beside my dad till my dad's past away in 1999. Then some rumbling happens to my family brothers & sisters where she never say a thing but just grief with her sad feelings alone without a word of regret & she always said to us, what have been fated its all from the Al-Mighty Allah. She belief to be a good wife, the best one where I as her son never seen her quaralling with my dad till small until both of them were gone forever. How nice if we also have that kind of carracter but not all can follow like what she have done. I can say, my late mother resembles Rabbiatul Addawiyah as far as I have known her all my life. Today, I regreted that I still never fulfill what I should have done to her when she was alive. That is what I feel bad about me. Today, I sincerely pray to Allah the Al-Mighty, please put both of my parents to the best Syurga within all the blesed Muslimin & Muslimat together with all the Prophets,,, Amin. That was my mother Tunku Seri Banun Tunku Munawir...

Hartanah dicari untuk Jual atau Beli

Salam satu Malaysia.
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9. Tanah Perladangan

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